My Insipiration #Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

My Insipiration #Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Popularly known as “The Missile Man of India”, APJ Abdul Kalam is the most loved and respected personality of our country who truly lived his life for others. Born in a poor Tamil Muslim family and being the youngest of 4 brothers and a sister, a two-time meal too was even a luxury for Kalam. In his early childhood, he used to sell newspapers to supplement his father’s meagre income. Despite the conditions not being in favour of Kalam, he had a dream, that too big enough to be thought of by children of his age. He wanted to be a fighter pilot in IAF but unluckily, missed the opportunity since the only seats were 8 and he came 9th. But failures were not what became difficulties in his way instead they fueled him for a highly successful endeavour.

Here are some of the qualities that “The Missile Man” possessed for which I praise him:



A leader with a far vision:

When he was associated as a Project Director with India’s first satellite launch vehicle program that had to deploy Rohini in earth’s orbit, bullocks and carts were used to transfer parts and ISRO didn’t have enough funds to set up a fully fledged launch pad. However, it didn’t stop Kalam in fulfilling his vision and a launch pad was set up on a nearby beach.



Even after being aged enough, Kalam never gave up his dream of making the youth educated and always attended different seminars to let the students have a correct vision so that they make paths and not just simply chase success.


Dream with a future in it:

Dr Kalam donated all his wealth to an NGO in order to make education available to the children in rural areas who cannot afford it. He always asked the students to be creative and innovative and to create a way not just to find it because he saw the future of the country in those children and felt the need to rightly mould it.

27-1438013198-abdulkalamThirst for knowledge:

Since his father’s income was not enough to run the family, Kalam had to pick up odd jobs in order to continue his education. Despite these circumstances, he did not stop and always continued to learn as much as he could. In his own words, he used to say that one doesn’t grow old until he keeps on learning. This was the reason that he kept himself attached to many premier institutions even till his last breath so as to gain the every single bit of the knowledge that he can. For his this act, he was very famous among the youth and was popularly referred to as the”People’s President”.

All the above-mentioned qualities are the one that a person must inherit in order to be successful. After all, it’s one’s actions that make him reach the stature of success. Finally, I would like to end this article by mentioning one of Dr Kalam’s most famous quote.

“If you want to shine like a sun, first, burn like a sun.” – A.P.J Abdul Kalam 

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