Most Expensive Cities to Live In

Most Expensive Cities to Live In

All of us want to take a break from their accustomed life and explore the formerly unknown swaths of the world. But there are some places where the living expenses might prove a bit tough on your pocket. The following cities are listed as some of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. So, sit back and relax while we take you on a tour of these opulent metropolia.



Being one of the Asian Tigers in terms of economy, World Bank has termed it as the “easiest place to do business” because of its policies and its standing on several indices. High ranking in terms of education, life expectancy, healthcare, quality of living makes it one of the most premium cities to live in.



Described as one of the three “command sectors” of the world economy, it has emerged as a leading international financial centre in the history of the world. Housing the headquarters of several world’s largest investment banks and 51 Fortune 500 companies having their base in Tokyo, its quality of living and it being the world’s safest city is its key secret that made it to the list of these big valued cities.



Though after Brexit, the annual living cost per person in the capital has slashed down by a remarkable percent, London is still not an affordable place for startups to shift their base due to the accommodation crisis.



It is the 4th largest metropolitan economy and is considered one of the leading and rising global cities. Its second highest quality of life and it being prominent in terms of a technological hub, Seoul is often listed as one of the most expensive cities in various rankings.


New York City:

Exerting a significant impact upon commerce, fashion and other industries, it has always been a hub for international diplomacy. With it being the most densely populated city in the US, the cost of living and working in this city is sky-high.


Hong Kong:

Low taxation, total value of imports and exports exceeding its GDP, second in terms of easiest place to do business and having ranked second in terms of billionaires per capita, Hong Kong has emerged as the favourite destination for business among highly reputed companies, thus making it one of the topmost fancy city to live in.



This Swiss city boasts of a high standard of living, high education index, and low taxation rate (because of Switzerland being a tax haven country) but lacks in terms of regularly needed resources. Due to the high import rate, the price has marked its way to the top listing the city in the most expensive cities ranking.

So, these are some of the most affluent cities to live in. If you liked the article, do like and comment in the section given below.

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