Breaking down ?

Breaking down ?

When she said now, I am not with you

And I said please stay for a while,

When she said I won’t be helping you

And I said I know you will try

When She said but no one is with you

And I said but you are my life

When she said who cares for you

And I said you are by my side

When she said you always fall

And I said I know you will hold

When she said but I find darkness

And I said may be, we can blow lights

When she said do you still want it

And I said let’s give it another try

And then I kept the MIRROR I

was talking to 

And went to sleep to strive..



-There will be days when you no longer want to continue but remember talking to yourself can be a great motivation a person can have 



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Lavi Tiwari
I am a mysterious story , still solving myself


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