Beyond imagination- A journey to Cherish

Beyond imagination- A journey to Cherish


When you are on the top of mountain IMG_20161226_211506

Closer to clouds closer to oneself

And bit closer to your heart  where you can listen a strong thumping of your heart 

Who tries to say something that something which you couldn’t understand in the busy light of cities , 

Where you want to make everything standstill and Ask yourself why can’t everything stop here why can’t I always feel this why can’t I can easily listen to what I always wanted to say to myself  And why can’t everything can be so beautiful And breathtaking and because I want to capture every second I spent there ,I decided to write.

Write each thing I felt closer to my heart so that each time I can relive this , and relate to every moment there.

So this journey started by a call, A call to dad when  nothing was working out and there was uneasiness at every corner, I requested my dad to present me with a trip to anywhere where I can relate to Myself.

And then I was there to a place which was beautiful than dreams, where a bulky plane took me and my friends to place which can’t be described easily, first experience in plane is like butterflies in your stomach irrespective of how nervous you are, you need to look good because everyone around you is normal and behaving as if it is not something to be frighten off so neither I showed nor I acted I was nervous but trust me I was …  IMG_20161214_000720   I started to feel calm once we are above ocean and can see only lights in the dark it is like stars on earth and  cities was twinkling and I can feel the sky above me and beneath me and my eyes was stuck on glass and watching everything with amazement .IMG_20161226_213243

Finally we landed to a dream like city  and I had the most amazing journey till now where we  headed to beaches ,  there I heard the sound of waves as the most melodious  music of earth,   when striking to shore and touching my feet was like i am  on another planet where all i have to do is feel each and every moment presented to me.IMG_20161226_211626

The scenic view of reflection of sunset in the water was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen in my entire life , I was glancing till the last sparkle of sun in water.  As we humans don’t know how many times in their lifetime they gonna see such thing ,so my eyes stuck there Feeling to the depth.IMG_20161226_211608

Sitting at the shore and watching each wave was like coming and going of people in  our life as they can’t be forever in our life but they can support and hold us in our journey  and some waves make it to the end some didn’t and waiting for their turn And like waves disappear in ocean we humans disappear in universe. Giving it a deep thought I sat there.

I don’t really want to leave that place but for the sake of visting other places I have to and the most wonderful thing(I don’t know how many times I am gonna use most amazing and wonderful words in my journey blog because everything there was “THE MOST “)  was trekking to the top of Mountain the feeling in itself was breathtaking I was at the 1700 ft above sea level my ears were blocked but was still smiling the weirdest smile, walking by holding achan’s hand is one thing I cannot forget mentioning he was like a star in my journey and now a family ,when I reached there it was winning a battle from your comfort zone and trust me the feeling was unexplainable(I don’t know such word exist or not) but it was unexplainable. I can see the whole city from there and couldn’t decide to look at the beauty of clouds above me or the greenery beneath me. IMG_20161219_213658  I have many more things worth mentioning like tea gardens where the people collecting tea leaves waves at us , zip lining was like shouting in your haunting dreams , speed boating was fun because the person operating was not less then a stuntmen , bonfire dance where honeymoon couples joined us and all we can do is watching their affection and feeling love in the air , travelling to forest was like paining your eyes wide to see any animal  but all i watched was elephant, full cow boy experience still put smile on my face, 12 D theater show and  so many things I can write ethics on and all these lovely things I  have experienced in KERELA  where each moment is not less than dreams, one need to feel that place it says so much in itself. Specially the soberness of people living there ,they are in no competition like other world , THEY are at peace with oneself and their smiling faces says it all.  In this journey I walk, I ran, I fly and I can still feel the magic of that journey that taught me so much in just six days that I will carry my entire life So I suggest  just travel , travel to make yourself alive and aware and to learn and experience the things you always wanted to , Just travel because Travelling solves that tangled question of your life which no one can understand and explain. Isn’t amazing that what you expect from life always turns out to be something you have never expected.. but remember  universe is always by your side each journey will taught you something beyond your imagination..

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Lavi Tiwari
I am a mysterious story , still solving myself


  1. Damn….this was freaky amazing………!! Loved it..felt like I Myslf travlldd tho whole journew among ur few words…….outstandng grl…..****

    • Lavi Tiwari

      Ya the whole journey was amazing and that 12 D Part too❤❤ @siddharthsingh

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