Hello Indian Peeps !!!

We are moving Ahead, we are competing with Developed Nations, we are the biggest democracy in the world we are this, we are that, but yet we are lacking behind.

And the Fact is we are lacking behind in the issues, that we can easily control It’s just we need to pay Attention.

But wait why should we pay Attention we have our Government who will look After it.

After all, we have been to lines waiting for hours making our day waste and casting our precious votes we fulfill our part of the responsibility. That’s it. Many people even don’t consider to do so but that’s another issue (part of developing nation). So now it’s Government’s duty to look after and our duty ends here it’s all the work of govt so they will handle. Right..!!.why should we do.  we have many other works to do which are Actually contributing in nations development. Really??

Like first of all ,we are so much busy that we will throw some garbage on Roads or Public area which we can throw in Dustbins but  we are busy contributing in Nations development and our govt is free so they will initiate such programs like “Swachh Barat Abhiyan” and clean that garbage which we have thrown.. because they are free and “vote Diya hai Bhai krege khud” is our Attitude when it comes to Responsibility.

Is this is not the Real picture That is framing India’s future, youth is Busy and making it Dirty and Government is cleaning?

We blame our system for our backwardness but we all know  that our govt will not come to our houses and tell us how to keep it clean, our govt have taken many initiatives it’s we who are lacking behind , we are Backing from our Responsibilities , we Indian people can never let our country down that’s true but what about the people who visit India and take with them such  experience like GOA

One such example is Goa Airport and again it’s one such example there are many which we need to look over but when I was going through some facts and figure of goa airport what I found was this.IMG_20170124_201605IMG_20170124_201547

The foreigners who visited India have such views and we don’t have time to correct them.  Because all we need to do is just perform our part of responsibility but we can’t do that too.

Here is the only small point that no matter what our upcoming Governments can do for us final Goal is achieved when we Will Know what we are missing and how we can contribute.

If we will do our part of work and do what should be done.Isn’t that something that will lead to actual development. Do we still want to contribute to nation development and govt in street cleanliness?

We have time for our priorities and making our nation to top is also our responsibility so make these small steps your priorities

Never ever make this country dirty and also be an example to others.

Goa Airport is just an example we have many parts which are very worst off and only we can make them correct.

share this article as much as you can. If you are performing your part correct, let’s make others too…

So just for the nation have time to do our part of Responsibilities.

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Lavi Tiwari
I am a mysterious story , still solving myself

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