A letter to my Dad

A letter to my Dad

First time in my life, I felt that writing is difficult,
when it comes to you
How come we write what we can’t express
This was bothering me and I almost took a month to write about you, I scrumpled many pages and some how manages to start
I not only have to join words to make sentences
I need to make every father realise that
yes you have work , yes you love your family
Yes you can do whatever they demand
But why don’t you express your love ,they are carving for it.
Does expressing reduces the importance of love
Or silence says it all .
Whenever I see father-daughter on Street
Giggling, chatting, smiling and living the best moments they can I always stop and feel what if I was there with you… We don’t spend that much time together , we don’t often talk, we don’t take casual walks but whatever you gave is best you can. As a person who is surrounded by many, wanted by many ,you have many walls of responsibilities but I never saw you backing them to someone else.
You are master of your own who never ever can let down his dignity .The way you organise your hectic schedule makes me realise I can’t even do niche of that
But I m still learning , learning to tell you my feeling , learning to be friends, learning to appreciate how much I admire you.
When I was a child I used to wait until you come and now you have to wait until I come , the time is our biggest enemy. And in life all count is time you have been with your loved ones.

Irrespective of how much tired you are, you are always a source of smile for me
The way you look towards life is much more different from the people out there
It’s simple and to live with Peace
You are not always around me but trust me I never felt that, whatever I need , whenever I need you are always there.
Whenever I fall you always hold my hand
Whatever come you stood by my side.

A father to a daughter is like a soul to a body
They will never tell how much they love you, how much they Cherish you and how much they need you .But they always have a soft corner for you
That corner which can never be replaced by anyone.
And for the dad’s out there “you always taught your children to express what they feel but when it comes to your part you fail to do the same”
And every father’s silence speaks a lot ,
But silence have the power to start a relation as well as destroy it.. not every silence is good and necessary. Have time to express your feelings and listen to our silence, life never waits for someone’s replies or answers .
It goes on………. and
It’s not the magic of work that drives the soul it’s the love that do
Life is all about expressing your love and feeling it
It’s not meant for work only.
Work is secondary but love is prime and only that heals
There is lot more to say but words are less to explain….

Your loveā¤

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Lavi Tiwari
I am a mysterious story , still solving myself

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