paternity leave

paternity leave

What is paternity leave?
Paternity leave is the time a father takes off work at the birth or adoption of a child. This kind of leave is rarely paid.
California was the first state to offer paid family leave.
How it works: if you work in the state which offers paternity leave you may be able to take up to six weeks at partial pay to care for your new baby.
Paternity leave in India;
There is no provision on paternity leave in Indian labour law for private sector workers. The civil servants [central government] however are entitled to paternity leave.
People eligible for paternity leave;
A male civil servant with less than two surviving child, may be granted paternity leave for a period of 15 days before or up to six months from the date of delivery of the child. The paternity leave may be combined with leave of any other kind. Ti cannot be debited against the leave account.
Source: rule 43-A and 43-AA of central civil service (leave) Rule, 1972.
Latest updates of paternity leave for the fathers of India;
After the recent passage of the Maternity leave bill in Rajya Sabha paternity leave have become more enhanced.
Maneka Gandhi the “Women and child Development Minister” said that such a legislation will have little impact in India, where men do not even avail their existing leave entitlements to share the responsibilities of child care.
In one of the article of “the Indian Express” she says to reporters that “Paternity Leave can be considered only if, once the women goes back to work after her 26 weeks of leave, we find that men are availing their sick leave for a month to take care of the child. Let me see how many men do that. I will be happy to give it but for a man, it will be just a holiday, he won’t do anything”
According to Maneka Gandhi all the Indian Man are just having a hunger of holidays so that they can be relax in their comfort zones.
Now it is time to see how the man uses the paternity leave whether for child care or for own relaxation at home.

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