Judgement day ….

Judgement day ….

When you are left all alone,

The feel inside you have grown ;

When every hope is devastated ;

Where  Darkness is exaggerated .


Your tears  rolling down ,inevitable;

When you try to move on and you feel miserable ,


When the world seems silent,

And a calm brook turns violent,

As it is fallen down from the mountain

It’s cries  through its course ,knows none;


All your memories swim in those  watery eyes 

When it’s up to you choose to happiness but pay the price.


All these days what have you done ,

When your destiny ask this question

What will I  answer , I wonder

 Give it a thought , PONDER!!

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Kuljeet Kaur
I am a teen growing up with a lots of dreams and aspirations with a positive aproach and always welcome new thought without preconceptions .

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