My Family ♡

My Family ♡

My mom, my dad, my uncle, my aunt

To Live without them, I cant


My grandpa is the best of both words,

 With him around I feel like a free bird.


My mom is the soul of my life,

 Teaching me how to be a good wife.


My father calls me by weird names,

To make me successful is his only aim.


My black slippers irritates

 my brother,

That too when wore by my mother.


My choti maa is my only lover,

Who loves me just like  my mother.


My brother is so sweet and nice,

But is always ready for a fight.


My uncle was the happiest of all,

Topper of the school, when I got a call.


My brother always calls me fat,

 I am very slim he ignores this fact.


The God must be very wise,

He gave me love in full size.

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Kritika Garg

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