Burqa And Oppression

Burqa And Oppression

Whenever we come across a woman wearing a burqa, we immediately form a judgement and conclude of her being a conservative, oppressed, lacking the ability to be independent and more importantly a MODEST women?


Now what exactly is being modest? 

The concept of modesty nowadays is nothing but just a word that has become so archaic that it has no relevance right now. Something which dictates how a woman should dress, how she should behave or present herself in the society by disguising it as a morality check. It is nothing but just a tool used to limit a woman’s thinking, her individuality by terming her independence as immodest.


Burqa, a head to toe covering is not at all a symbol of oppression, subjugation or being modest.  

It is just a way of representing their faith and belief in their religion.  In the land of the free and home of brave, in a secular nation are woman not even allowed to expreslly follow their religion? To follow what they believe is right for them ?


If a Sikh can wear a turban and Budhist believers can shave their head without being judged then why seeing a muslim wearing burqa differently?


If a nun can cover herself and not be considered oppressed, why not a muslim women? Both of them made a choice to live a certain lifestyle and dress in a certain way for their religions and yet muslim women are considered oppressed while the nun is not because she is following a tradition we are more familiar with.


People mock islamic dress codes yet on graduation day wear similiar clothes.


Burqa is a garment worn by women not a garment that defines ever women.


Ibtihaj muhammad,  first female Muslim American fencer, wears a hijab ; Mehbooba Mufti CM of Jammu and kashmir wears a hijab. Are these eminent personalities also oppressed? Are they also modest? No.


I do not believe that wearing a burqa makes me 10 times below the ones who don’t, that wearing a burqa secludes me from the society, from my wishes, that wearing a burqa is a symbol of modesty.


There’s nothing inherently liberating in covering up, there’s nothing inherently liberating in wearing next to nothing. 

Liberation lies in choice.


Hijab or hat, Burqa aur bikni I should be able to express myself through whatever clothes I chose to wear.

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Kritika Garg

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  1. Aksh Dhillon

    A different and thought provoking take on the usual debate! Nice one kritika!!!

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