What Makes Us Who We Are

What Makes Us Who We Are

If ocean was home,

We’re the fishes that stand up against the predators’ behavior crude,

We’re the parlous pollution that we elude.


If trapped in perfidious flames,

We’re the tranquil water that engulfs the fire,

We’re the strength that is required to melt a wire. 


If encapsulated by conspiracies,

We’re the positivity that we breathe,

We’re the ones to convert the famished hope into immortal dexterity and never allow it to cease.


If disoriented by the storm,

We’re the remotest distance that we struggle to see.

We’re the catastrophe we fight, out of our snug lee.


If confounded at a complex junction,

We’re the profound music we decide to hear,

We’re the instinct that we trust between the contradictory heart and the brain that we fear.


If lead by the erroneous,

We’re the intrinsic inferno that we work upon,

We’re the fortitude that we engender.


If welcomed by an entirely new world,

We’re the smiles that we spread and weave,

We’re the hearts that we achieve.

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Khushbu Kirti
A student of DU, I'm currently pursuing B.A. Honours in English. I'm passionate about writing and dancing and believe that poetry is one of the most puissant weapons.

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