The Cure Is Love

The Cure Is Love

Encapsulated by the direful stress,

When the magnanimous difficulties suppress,

When tenebrously apart I am torn,

He’s the ray of hope I rely on.


It’s always he who makes me see the glowing stars in the dark,

It’s with him that I could be as garrulous as we stroll in the park.

He makes me levitate to a level unimaginable,

Making me laugh with tears of joy-his jokes are that adorable.


To the one who would never leave my side,

To the one who’s always been my pride.

To the one with whom euphoria is divine,

To the one who makes me live a little stronger and through all the afflictions, let’s be brightly shine.


Because no matter how tumultuously the agony and gloom rain,

He will be there to hold my hand and share the pain.

Because no matter how dreadful life becomes and innumerable troubles tenaciously cling,

He will make me breathe the famished hope and it’ll be the lost blithe that he would always bring.

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Khushbu Kirti
A student of DU, I'm currently pursuing B.A. Honours in English. I'm passionate about writing and dancing and believe that poetry is one of the most puissant weapons.

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