India Of My Dreams

India Of My Dreams

The terrain of purity and tranquil,

Garnered with virtues like benevolence, we find how the land gleams.

Where introspection and spirituality see their crescendo,

Such is the India Of My Dreams.


Constantly extolled for wealth and glory,

Venerated like a goddess,

Clustered with prosperity and rich culture.

This is our Nation and its story.


Ruminating the tormenting past,

The profusely sacrificed blood of our people,

The struggle of enduring the savage Britishers,

The brilliant, inspiring images that our ancestors cast.


Resurrecting from the cruelty, suffering a thousand remnant scars

The malice relentlessly resided in our eyes.

Impregnable over the tyrant barbarians,

The treacherous expunged- this was the puissant vengeance of India’s cries.


Re-imbibing the lost glory,

It took decades to regain that prosperity.

Decrypting the mammoth sacrifices and the copious tears that our freed fighters had shed,

On the same boulevard of reverence and peace, it is time for us to tread.


Adopting the same determination and courage and with the same pragmatic insight,

It is time for the young generation to act.

On a quest to revive the reverence and metamorphose India into a nation impeccable,

It is time for us to re-establish the fact.


Our country today-considered to be independent,

Yet we’re captivated by imposters abundant,

Facing dejecting impediments like corruption, atrocities on women and child labour,

There are still miles to plod towards a flawless Nation.


Eradicating the flaws immense,

Overcoming the dismay and greed

The Indians living a life free of trepidation and danger

Allowing the mind to ponder- this should be the inception of a novel seed.


Culturing and engendering minds that are literate,

Propagating the rights and the wrongs,

Punishing those surreptitious knives, advancement of science and technology.

Prosperity and praises of our Nation will then be encompassed into those songs.

Such is the India Of My Dreams.

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Khushbu Kirti
A student of DU, I'm currently pursuing B.A. Honours in English. I'm passionate about writing and dancing and believe that poetry is one of the most puissant weapons.

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