An Apology

An Apology

Today, the crammed emotions dwelling inside my heart want to explode,

I vividly remember how painful it was for you to see me go away,

Even if it killed me to see you upset,

There was this happiness that i felt,

Whenever I saw the sparkling pride in your eyes,

It made me want to forget the guilt that inside me resides.


A soldier I was, profusely bleeding on the terrain of war,

Born with the trepidation of death, this is what I grew up to abhor,

I regret every birthday of yours that I missed,

I longed for the moments, Maa, where you cuddled me and kissed.


Sorry, Maa, I was not there to eat the delectable food that you so lovingly made,

We rescued the victims out of the captivity until the light would fade.

While you ran between two hospitals when dad was sick, I’m sorry I could not offer you a helping hand ,

We crept low, waiting for the enemies in the scorching heat, on the parched land.


I’m sorry for not being there beside you while you underwent a surgery and were ill,

I had to fight the bullets raining on our camp, against my will.

Sorry, Maa, for not being able to wipe the tears off those gloomy eyes,

Trying to protect our country, while some other soldier dies.


Maybe these are the last words I indite,

I can see beyond the affliction and the solitude, Maa, that you always tried to hide.

Maybe there is not much time left for the darkness to engulf me,

You smiling that adorable smile, Maa, this is the only last t

hing I would want to see.

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Khushbu Kirti
A student of DU, I'm currently pursuing B.A. Honours in English. I'm passionate about writing and dancing and believe that poetry is one of the most puissant weapons.
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  1. Daud Rizvi

    Brilliantly scripted apology of a brave heart son…keep it up mini

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