An Act of courage

An Act of courage

I was on my bike riding at a speed of 50Kmph on streets of Ajni, Nagpur when I saw a family on another bike.

The Gentleman was driving the bike.

Behind him was his wife.

And in between them a small baby.

So when they came near my sight, I saw that the stole of the lady was touching the road and also was going in between the tier of the rear wheel of the bike.

I realized it was important to inform the family about the lady’s stole.

But I don’t know why?

When I went near them I was unable to utter a single word, and without saying anything I overtake them.

But something was killing me inside about this act of ignoring.

Then after few seconds,

I gathered some courage and decreased the acceleration of my bike. In no time the family came near me.

I told the lady about her stole, she without wasting a microsecond reacted.

Took her stole in her hands.


The day was saved….
I was dancing inside me after doing all this…




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Ketan Ambekar
Trying to express the infinite universe in finite words.
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