Shades of India

Shades of India


With pride and delight, I sing of my nation, my homeland

Clad in multifarious colors, behold the tinge of the sky, and the shade of the sand

Faces, you spot both black and white, but they walk hand in hand

Underneath all faces, underlies a single color of love, we are one, united we stand



The red roses mesmerize you, joyous and bright

The red rising sun instills a new hope, a ravishing sight

But the most beautiful red is the radiant sindoor of an Indian woman

The color of promise of togetherness says, till the last breath, she’ll standby her man



The blue skies and the azure waters speak of depth and fathom

The symbol of optimism, emblematic of freedom

But the most beautiful blue is the blue of Indian secularism

The color of oneness that binds all religions and all castes, we believe in humanism



Fresh is the green, a symbol of life, look at the nature sing

The symbol of prosperity, the reminiscent of Spring

But the most beautiful green is the harvest of an Indian farmer, his bond with the soil

The color of hard work, the flowers bloom with his sweat and toil



Bright and sunny is the yellow with its radiance

The symbol of joy, the spark of exuberance

But the most beautiful yellow is that of an Indian mind

The color of wisdom, the color of energy and intellect, still humble and kind



Divine is the golden color with its sparkle and luster

The symbol of value, the royal gesture

But the most beautiful golden is that of an Indian heart

The color of benevolence, the color of goodness that sets us apart



The white snowy Himalayas, the abode of snow

The symbol of purity with its colorless glow

But the most beautiful white is that of Indian peace and harmony

The color of sanctity that advocates love instead of acrimony



Colors of India are vibrant, colors of flowers

Colors of festivals, colors of flavors

But the most beautiful colors are those of Indian emotions

The colors of Indian culture, the kaleidoscope of Indian traditions

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Kazi Ali
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