Lonely Whale

Lonely Whale

In the middle of the vast sea

One whale speakes, so lonely

No matter how much they shout 

Their voice won’t reach

They quietly shut their mouth 

Well, I don’t care

Because I’m lonely and much in despair 

“Oh you’re rich”, they say so easy

Even loneliness turns into something I can see

Even if my voice  is blocked

As I’m confined in the wall

I aim for the surface above

So only above the surface do I breath

Like a child in the ocean deep beneath 

As it never ends, every time in vain

I sleep like a shrimp but dream like a whale

Now the upcoming praise will make me groove 

I see my future as I move

My mom said the sea is blue

To let out your voice,  can you

But it’s so dark,  what to do?

I’m just a lonely, lonely whale as I knew… 

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jyoti singh

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