My love for durga puja

My love for durga puja

As the flight smoothly lands at the airport,

I heave a sigh of relief.

I have finally come home.

The fragrance of Durga Puja was all over the place.

The pandals set up in all their glory to welcome Maa Durga,

The shimmering lights, the sound of the Dhak,

People in their best outfits;

It was the best time of the year!

From pandal hopping to clicking selfies,

From A-line dresses to ‘lal paar shada sarees’,

From ‘Pujar Bhog’ to ‘Shidol chutney’

From the evening ‘aartis’ to ‘shondhi puja’

From Shasti Puja to Durga Maa’s immersion,

The festival passed away in a jiffy;

But with cameras full of memories and

Hearts filled with love and blessings from Maa Durga

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Jui Chaudhary
19 years old, Bong, scribbling maniac, loves reading and a huge Naruto fan.

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