With the “One where it all began”,

I made new F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

Fell in love with Rachel’s dresses,

Smirked on Joey’s “How you doin’?”,          

Laughed hard on Chandler’s sarcasm,

Wished to look like Monica,

Whimpered when Ross got divorced thrice,

And learnt to live like Phoebe!

Suddenly, Unagi was not a Salmon fish roll anymore,

And Miss Chanandler Bong was my next door neighbour.

“OH MY GOD” was just not just an exclamation!

And I was convinced that Ross and Rachel “were on a break”

I too wished for a love story like ‘Mondler’,

And wanted to be someone’s lobster.

Ken Adams and Regina Phalange were no more strangers,

And I hummed ‘Smelly Cat’ all day long.

I learnt that “Joey doesn’t share food”,

And Chandler Bing’s job was ‘Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration’!

“I’ll be there for you” had become my motto,

And it still is; till “The last One”.

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Jui Chaudhary
19 years old, Bong, scribbling maniac, loves reading and a huge Naruto fan.

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