10 bollywood songs which makes no sense whatsoever

10 bollywood songs which makes no sense whatsoever
  1. Main rang sharbaton ka- Phata Poster Nikla Hero

Main rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani’– Which ghaat is meetha (sweet)? This love song uses many such phrases which do not make any sense, but still turned out to be a huge hit. Composed by music director Pritam Chakravarty, the only good thing about this song is Atif Aslam.


  1. Tooh- Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

This whole song revolves around a butt!!! Really? This song depicts what kinds of butts do people have- Gore gore- fair, naughty-naughty, round butts and how versatile you can get with it.


  1. Hookah Bar- Khiladi 786

When we think about love we imagine something which is pure, beautiful and serene. But here, love is compared to hookah! A pipe which releases smoke! Seriously?


  1. Po po – Son of Sardar

I guess the lyricist had run out of words that he had to resort to onomatopoeically sounds like ‘po po’and hence the step, which looks like the four of them are gurgling.


  1. Fevicol se- Dabbang 2

Mere photo ko seene se yaar, chipka le saiyaan fevicol se! Which means, oh lover,stick my photo to your chest with fevicol. It also adds many other non sense phrases like ‘main to tandoori murgi hoon yaar, gatka le saiyan alcohol se’, ‘main to kab se hoon ready taiyaar, pata le saiyaan missed call se’.

  1. Dhinka Chika- Ready

This song is so bad, that it will make u cry. With lyrics like, Barah mahine mein barah tareeke se tujhko pyaar jataunga re’ which means I’ll show my love to you in these 12 months in 12 different ways. ‘ tujhse chatting karne ke khatir internet lagwaunga re’ which means i will get an internet connection to chat with you!!


  1. God, Allah aur Bhagwan- Krissh 3

This song is at the epitome of worst songs. Even Krissh cant save yoor ears from this catastrophe


  1. Batata vada hey batata vada,

Dil nahi dena tha, dena pada


2 mins of silence for this song!


  1. Ragini MMS

You are my chicken fry

You are my fish fry!


  1. Ice cream –Xpose

Ice cream khaungi, Kashmir jaungi

Sholon mein bhadke jiya


Translation- I’ll go to Kashmir and eat ice cream. (What an aim)


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