Oh God! Where have I landed?
Is this the planet earth?
To come here, is it what I wanted?
A peaceful life I’d always dreamt of…
But the sights that have met my eyes,
Have made me scoff!
Golden glow & shimmering disco lights,
Wherever my vision forays,
I don’t see love but fights.
Streets are Crowded, polluted & fragile;
Wherever I see, wherever I look
There’s glum and gloom.
But what I had envisioned,
Was cute and innocent smiles.
And this scenario
Spreads for miles and miles…

The virulence of youth,
The desolation of the elderly,
The fashion struck women,
The robust men with gallantry
And the fading innocence from a child’s eye
Makes me ponder and cry.
Here I see…
A man-rich and voguish,
Drive up to his manor,
And on the pathway that I tread,
My eyes fall on a ragamuffin dying with hunger.

These direful sights have slain my spirit,
The wound goes far too deep;
No one can heal it!

In this insane world,
Mother Nature sure comes to respite.
But I wonder,
How long may survive this creature,
silent, serene and quiet!
The birth of these calamitous ‘aliens’ on earth
Is leading to the culmination of even Mother Nature,
Already in dearth.

What was so bewitching about this place
That I fell for it?
O Lord! I know I made haste,
I implore you to save me!
Take me back to my house yonder…
Never again would I like to wander…
Away from you.
For I feel happy and safe only with you.
In your lap,
The most beautiful trap!

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Jeevanjot Nagpal
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