The True Phantasy!

The True Phantasy!


Sinister eerie night,
Ensnared moon in clouds’ bosom,
Stuck in ghostliness, a svelte wight,
Her name Kusum;
Darkness blinded, palpitations in the heart,
Slithering sedan like a serpent,
Unwitting, where to go in this land vast?
Privy labyrinth of bights and bents,
Leading nowhere!
Oh goddamn, this not a night escapade…
Solely, a phantasmal affair!

Sedan got no far,
Came to a halt abrupt,
Garbed in goosebumps her body entire,
Gasoline all mopped up!
Unseen in the grim mist, owls hooted,
The incubus got drearier!
In the core of throat, her voice locked,
Creepers ascended sedan windows, merrier…
Screeching bats ran across the sky blank,
Her rich red blood,
Terror blithely drank!

Slued Kusum, out of the car,
Her blue quivering torso, shrieks amass!
Vision bleary…
Roads no more of concrete,
But creepy-crawly eyeballs,
Barfed green fluid sleazy;
The demons-her skull’s occupants,
Incessantly give her calls!
With dread, shrinking,
No more able to take these spectral calls,
Glides nigh her soul, blinking;
Shoots up to the tranquil skies,
Far beyond the night’s wickedness,
Her heap of mass,
To the igneous terra firma succumbs!
So the ogre of her own imagination,
Vanquishes her in the race of endurance,
As another sinless soul,
Cedes to life’s trance!

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Jeevanjot Nagpal

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