The Neglected

The Neglected

Patched clothes, spiky hair and bare, scratched feet,
Dirty, Dispossessed kids drifting freely across the street;
Like a bird, hugging winds but
Concurrently caged, 
As untouchables, these children of god are imaged.
With envy, they look upon school going kids,
Deprived, their minds are hollow with open lids…
Hunger emanates from their swelled eyes,
Scraping two meals a day is like a golden prize.

Even so, their faces are sketched with smiles,
As they play with friends in dingy backyard aisles.
At times, some passerby throws them a penny,
But in this insane world, generous people aren’t many. 
With love, by God they were created,
But today, by their fellow humans, they stand neglected!

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Jeevanjot Nagpal
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