Pride and Prejudice: A Tribute

Pride and Prejudice: A Tribute

Shimmering, restless twilight,
Upon fateful Longbourn,
descends as a chivalrous knight.
Whispering gowns, stiff bow ties,
Receive the Bennet sisters,
Giggling by!
Voyeuristic, the ‘Merry’ton hall,
Greets the gossiping and dancing party,
To the fated ball.
Well-groomed, the pianoforte,
In rosy air, etches the tunes
To the welcome of Darcy and Bingley.
Men of fortune, these;
In quantums of heavy prize esteemed,
In a marriage market this,
With Lucases, Bennets and such hopeful eyes replete.

In Jane demur, Bingley finds his mate. But,
Hard to appease, the man of ten thousand pounds,
her un-handsome sister does berate,
Alas! Hap this shield of defence a beat too late,
Elizabeth’s eyes beguiled, hitherto set the bait!
Destiny plays its song,
What indifference, what hatred!
Oft-times are they brought along.
Avid readers these, leave they
No chance to parley,
Nor does the clock tickle long,
For their wit and banter, grow they strong.

Connexions low, arrogant bows,
And amours genteel, clot the way,
Ere, tip the scale of rank and drowse,
Cruises in Lady Catherine de bourgh wry.
Rude rusticity of Mrs Bennet at last,
Finds it’s match in arrogance of class. However,
Sees once Lizzy the grounds at Pemberly,
Neither Lady de bourgh nor Mrs Bennet,
Not Collins, nor Miss Bingley,
Can the future intuitive sway.

Rejection repugnant thieves one’s pride,
A letter of revelation tones down, other’s prejudice.
Bewitched is still, with the heroine so feisty, Mr. Darcy
Disavow does Lizzy her opinions too hasty.
Wickham amiable, does the friction slay.
Enkindle the Gardiners, an everlasting hay.
Waves as Austen, her magic wand,
The world doth witness,
A new dawn, of a legendary bond.
All hail, this love story, generations beyond,
As Elizabeth and Darcy,
Of each other, grow ever more fond!

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Jeevanjot Nagpal
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