My Happy Wedding

My Happy Wedding

Mark this day
27th of May
My wedding eve.

The sun takes leave
The clouds gush tears
Is it the heavens that grieve?
In the distance I see, mourners lifting biers,
Yonder, the trees rustle and the leaves a sigh heave.
In the shadows, walks an engraver..
Is it all real or does my heart deceive?
Do the Gods conspire or the heavens do me a favour?
My soul cannot conceive!
My careworn tresses savour,
The threads you weave,
And my lips mouth a silent prayer.

Hand in hand,
Preparing to walk down the aisle,
Scattering the strands
Of my former life, you smile.
Your lips austere,
Trace down the scars on my back sterile,
My mind and heart yet persist, yet persevere…
As the loveliness of your eyes,
Touches the blue iciness of mine,
As my ears fill with the owl’s shrill cries,
For one last time…
On this our secret sojourn,
Thunder strikes and the ruthless winds turn spies,
Is it an ill omen? Or,
Passions painting grey these alluring skies?
My heart knows not, what is true
And what lies.

Your heart…
yet it wheels,
My heartfelt desire it seals,
Your mind commands, make love
To me,
But this, your ‘dove’,
Seeks to fly, past these fetters,
And take marital vows,
around your kindling letters…
Which espouse,
Not love my darling, but lust.
Regret not I, as my hands
With a knife I thrust.
A(t)las(t)! Turns to the sands,
Your inflamed ‘bust’!
The henna on my hands
Your freshly brewed blood durst
As the skies above clear out,
with my ‘serene’ love, bewitch(ed).

On your lips, plant I
My last cold kiss,
Reminiscing the abyss,
gone by.
Don’t forget me darling,
Though I bid you goodbye,
With eternal love,
Your pretty dove!

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Jeevanjot Nagpal
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