Wandering in the market crowded,
One fatal day, I met him,
Auburn hair, french beard and torso slim
Had he, noticed I as we collided
And fell in Love, at first sight?
Wonder I, if ever in this lifetime
Experience will we again that one
You ask, begin how it did?
A wink, a smile, hap the ploy.
How frames or sizes ours varied
Mattered it not then, imprison could
It not his joy, my joy, our joy!
Felt then these hearts ours,
This is what had we been waiting
For and meant it was to be,
Fit in all the pieces to the puzzle,
As made we love, did we cuddle,
Intrigues us though this legion of peeping eyes,
Our sojourn, our comfort, us as they pry,
Detect can we in them, disgust unknown and senses wry,
But fathom can YOU, why?
Oh why?!
Dawn it isn’t yet, but caught are we in the act,
But who, WHO are you to intrude,
To thus react?
Show us do you official IDs yours
And a warrant of arrest!
Law name you, but understand not We,
Why shatter it our peace to unleash unrest.
Under Section 377 say you guilty are we,
2017 it is, but NO, yet WE are not free!
Guilty may YOU be, but claim we
Content and plead ‘satisfied‘,
Romeo and Juliet are we not,
But for love, ready to be slain and martyred.

Across the city at the same time,
A young lady throbs and cries,
For pleasure her consent
was she denied!
Shout however much she may,
Myriads of slithering mouths
Remain shut, unmistakably quiet.
Muster however does she her courage next day,
To hide her scars and with hope cross does she rivers to file a complaint.
But NO, all of you with these
Official IDs yours,
Mock her and say, allege what
you, Marital rape?
Haha! What’s that?
Oh shame on you, millions that you are,
Uniforms or not, consider again
Guilty is she, are weor are YOU not?

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Jeevanjot Nagpal
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