Dreamy Distant Lands

Dreamy Distant Lands


Today I’m swinging…
At the edge of the deep dark woods,
Not knowing where to land.
To hug this free-spirited breeze,
I stretch out my hands.

As the swing hinges backward…
I feel afraid
Of being pulled back
To the sheltered land,
By strong yet invisible bands.
Of escaping into oblivion,
Shy and coward-
Lost in a billion.

But my gaze wanders
To those unexplored lands,
My heart yearns
To unravel the mysteries
That these lands forever expand,
Yet untold and unwonted!
Is that what these thick woods echo haunted?

Those fading distant mountains,
Resting in the arms of the misty parky clouds…
Breathe a queer essence,
As if their spirit,
Vacuous and solitary…
yearns for a lovesome presence.

Those faraway lands…
Dissolute and coy,
Await the arrival of a bird,
To enthuse them with life.
Those dreamy lands..
Reckon me…
To wake up from sleep
To become one with winds-
Liberal and poised,
And take my flight!

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Jeevanjot Nagpal
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