Depressed, Am I?

Depressed, Am I?

Sleep refuses to visit me,
All these restless nights.
Neither can I bite nor swallow,
Nor read, write or spell right.
People shout, how can YOU
Not sleep at night! Why?
While some comment, it’s ¬†
because YOU do not sleep tight!
How can they, how can YOU
Say so, when know not you
The nakedness, the vacuum

Anxiety, inertia, nausea, worry,
Identify or name it what you may,
Cure my brain or STOP it
won’t my empty skull to sway.
Science says earth is round,
But to me, appears it flat.
The voice denies to come out,
Though whatever’s inside, or
(Is it outside, this infinite hell?)
Wants to shout, it’s not me,
It’s You and YOU and You,
Who’s MAD!

Go to a psychiatrist’s clinic if I,
Me, all YOUR snooping eyes spy.
Doubt YOU, if I’ve a human mind.
Tell me, from which heaven
Have you descended to
Intrude in my insignificant life!
HA! Crazy, do you call me?
NOW, That’s my new identity.
Think YOU, it’s your choice
to shun or mock me for life,
Happily do I embrace,
This ghastly solitude mine!

Choose do I to live this
aimless life?
Better it is, that I hang and

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Jeevanjot Nagpal
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