At the break of the day,
The shutters of my eyes unlocked
And behold!
My sleepy eyes witness…
The earth transmuting into blackness.
All the colours
-vivid, promising & lustrous,
Went down the drain,
Black turned even the rain.

The universe and its sheer blackness,
Sit hand in hand
In silence,
And together they harness
The world’s inner strength,
My inner strength.

My innermost potency aroused,
Into the darkness,
I stepped out.
Isolating my buffeting heart & my mind – benumbed,
I embraced this blackness
& my dread I shunned.
Tranquility surmounted me,
Of the worldly anxieties,
I became free…

The world seemed one,
The entire cosmos united.
Visually deflowered
The heart took precedence,
Based on looks or assets,
There are no more judgements…
No blacks, whites, browns or coloured,
But there’s one and only one human-kind,
That stands on the roots
Of feelings and deeds,
As for the colour of your skin or your looks,
They just don’t mind.

In this blackness,
There’s no evil & there’s no end,
But what it emits is elegance…
Which is lovable and empowering;
See the beauty,
The black rose is showering.
Hug this blackness,
And see the world from dreamy eyes,
It will spread happiness
For miles and miles.

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Jeevanjot Nagpal
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