Events which marked their 10 year anniversary in 2016

Events which marked their 10 year anniversary in 2016

2016. Quite an eventful year it was, wasn’t it? Go back 10 years, and then you would say the same about the year 2006. Don’t have a time-machine to do so? Thought so. Here’s a trip down memory-and-nostalgia-lane listing out events and happenings which marked their 10 year anniversary in the year 2016, also known as the I-feel-old-now-list.

The launch of Twitter

Some may feel that twitter has been around since forever while others may think of it as something which was released just yesterday. Either way, facts are facts and they state that the celebrity friendly and (once) word limiting social media website was released back in 2006, on the 21st of March.

Since its launch it has gone under numerous changes, including recently dropping its 144-character limit.

Hundred. Again, again, again and again.

What does that title even mean? The hundred refers to a team total in the world of one day international cricket, and the word again signifies how many were made by three teams in a match in the year 2006. Still not clear? Thought so.

Three teams entered the 400 club in the year 2006, two of them doing it in the same match. South Africa Chasing Australia’s 434 is remembered as one of the greatest ODI chases of all time. Winning the match by just one wicket and with one ball remaining, it remains to be a match packed with the most amount of drama and action.

The next team to join the 400 club was Sri Lanka, and this feat was achieved in the same year. Sri Lanka scored a mammoth 443-9 against Netherlands. This however doesn’t have the same amount of fame associated with it as the chasing team of Netherlands faced a loss by 195 runs coming nowhere close to the lustre of the South Africa vs Australia bout.


Google acquires YouTube


To those who aren’t aware, YouTube wasn’t started by Google. YouTube was started back in 2005 and later acquired by Google in the year 2006. It was on the 9th of October when Google announced that it had acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock. YouTube officials however decided to work independently post the buyout.


To put things into perspective to explain how long ago 2006 was; In 2006 YouTube did not have support for a lot of its features which we consider as staple features now, such as HD video. Rather, the highest compatible quality was 480p and there was a limit of 10 minutes per video whereas today you can find videos with 24 hours of literally nothing (look it up). Since then YouTube has been growing rapidly with newer functions and features being launched periodically.


Ban Ki Moon elected as Secretary General of the UN


What is the name of the secretary general of the UN? This was one of the the few GK questions we would answer through our school days. Ban Ki Moon, a name which is very widely recognized among both, today’s youngsters and their parents.

The name started coming into prominence in the year 2006 when Ban Ki Moon ran for the position of the UN Secretary General and was elected in October. He formally took the position on the 1st of January 2007.



Pluto not a planet anymore


It has been a decade since we have been asked to stop counting Pluto as a planet. But we all still do it, don’t we? Prior to 2006 there was no concrete definition of the word “Planet”. However, this was clarified Back in 2006 by the IAU (International Astronomical Union) when they had a meeting in Prague, Czech Republic to set a new and concrete definition for the term “planets”. It so happened that out of the three conditions given for a celestial body to be considered as a planet, only two were met by Pluto. Ever since then, Pluto has been no more. Nah. Pluto didn’t die, it just isn’t called a planet anymore. From thereon; to a science-nazi, if that’s a thing, Pluto must be referred to as a dwarf planet.


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