Top 10 things to do to occupy yourself indoors.

Top 10 things to do to occupy yourself indoors.

Staying indoors can get boring a couple of times. Here I am listing Top 10 effective ways to keep yourself busy indoors .Here is the list:-

  1. Do your Laundry: You will be happy and relaxed when you have clean clothes to wear.


  2. Exercise: I am not telling one hour long exercise or any advanced course. Do simple 10 minute exercises like warm-up, 10 sit-ups/pushups/jumping jacks/lunges/squats or even meditation to refresh your body and get you charge up for whole day.


  3. Clean, Organize and Re-decorate your space: Start with a small drawer or a cabinet. Take out the unwanted things and see if you can recycle/up cycle them. When was the last time you cleaned your windows or fans? Cleaned space always gives positive vibes. Organizing things help to find them quickly. If you have plants, help yourself with the gardening actives- giving those fertilizers or changing soil or may be decorating pots.
  4. Cook something: Open your fridge and look for what veggies you have in kitchen. Cook something healthy today – may be a winter salad or a healthy snack.
  5. Call an old friend: call an old friend or cousin with whom you haven’t spoke recently. It strengthens bond.
  6. Unsubscribe yourself: Delete all spams and unsubscribe yourself from undesirable sites that keep spamming your mailbox. Sites like help.
  7. Update your resume: Very important. Update your resume with recent work and experiment with different professional designs on your bored
  8. Pamper yourself: Try doing pedicure and manicure at home. Spend time for those ignored palms and feet. You can try learning from YouTube or get it done from salon. Also you may treat yourself with populate your inbox and spams with unwanted emails. Sites like help. You can also treat yourself with online shopping. Buy a kit may be small weights or DIY project kit. So next time when you are free you can tone your body or maybe you can make something new (like a photo frame) with your kit.

  9. Get Lost in Pinterest : Pinterest is new world itself. Try looking for a new project and get inspired.
  10. Read : a whole newspaper or grab a book.

So next time don’t get bored. you have plenty of things to do!

Hetal Shah
A Techie by education and profession, Foodie by birth, Traveller by interest. Other stuff that interests me Art & Crafts, photography,Reading .
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