Someone on Quora asked “What was the first problem that you faced with your spouse after marriage?” and answers are Hilarious !!

Someone on Quora asked “What was the first problem that you faced with your spouse after marriage?” and answers are Hilarious !!

Quora is a great timepass when you feel bored. So I was browsing through it. Suddenly I came across a question  “What was the first problem that you faced with your spouse after marriage?” and you must read its hilarious answers.  I thought of sharing few of them which I found interesting.

(For security reasons I am not posting name of people)

  1.  Anonymous :

    I’m hoping that my wife doesn’t read this… 🙂

    She argued with me because  I messed up the wedding night by changing into unromantic clothes. I had changed because it was summer and I wanted something comfortable but it lead to …


  2. Anonymous :

    First problem came right on our wedding day.
    On our wedding day, I asked him why he looked so happy and assumed that it was because he was about to marry me (duh!). But NO, he told me that he had ordered a new gaming laptop as a wedding present, FOR HIMSELF! Guys and Games no one can seperate them.


  3. Anonymous :

    Eating. I was veggie and my hubby was non-vegetarian and he thinks about chicken more than sex! Since then our food problems began, but we realised we have to adjust.


  4. Anonymous :

    Premature Ejaculation was the 1st and biggest problem he faced or say I faced after marriage.


  5. Anonymous :

    He is a cleanliness freak. I like it all messy unless I get attacks of cleaning the room entirely on random days.


  6. Anonymous :
    He invited a drunk stranger into our car during our honeymoon !!! 

    While we were going back to resort, we ran out of gas .So, I stay in the car, while my husband leaves to buy dinner. Seconds later he comes back with the food, and an incredible surprise. Someone just opens our back door and enters. I turn around to see this huge guy, reeking of alcohol. My husband seemed extra pleased with himself. He says “This guy is going our way. He doesn’t have a ride. So I said we’d drop him”.  I was in SHOCK!!!


    But the guy was more sensible even if he was drunk… He thanked my husband and said“I wouldn’t have asked you for a ride if I knew you were with your family. No one with their family would have given me a lift”. He laughs heartily and disappears into the fields.

  7. Anonymous :


    For me, it was time to do laundry when there were no clean clothes left to wear. For her, it was time to do laundry when there was enough to do a load.

  8. Anonymous :
    My wife loved PEPSODENT more than me!


     When she woke up, i smiled at her and told her how beautiful she is (Newly Wedded effect). Handed her the toothbrush and the TOOTH PASTE. And then she says: “I don’t want the Colgate but Pepsodent!!!!!!”. Until then i had never realized that there are brands in toothpastes!!!!. That was the day i realized i am married. !!!!

  9. Anonymous  :

    The first problem i faced with spouse after marriage was how to smoke without even let her know.

  10. Anonymous :
    Dancing at wedding reception!!

    My wife got angry with me at wedding reception which happened a day after wedding, because i haven’t rotated her while dancing, since her dress was a few inch long and i dont want such dance moves so to prevent her fall down during dancing. That was gesture of care from my side but…

These were some of the hilarious  reasons but  be cautious about them .

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