Bold Beckons and Wise Whispers

Bold Beckons and Wise Whispers

Does the sea speak to you?
Can you hear it, what does it say?
Do the waves, iridescent blue,
Do they make your heart sway?

With the golden horizon so near,
Nearly within arm’s length
I hear Poseidon call me home
I ask myself, if not now, then when?

Behind me, the moon appears
Making the waves dance and shimmer
A silent reminder of my dreams and ambition
Controlling those waves I hold so dear

You’ve strayed son, forgotten what is,
Let me remind you, the moon says to me,
I am the means, the path, the walk to the beach
Shoot for me and the setting sun you’ll reach.

With the sun in my eyes, and the moon in mind,
I remind myself as the palm trees rustle,

The sea is spotted with ships aplenty,
And the waves whisper treacherously.
As the harbour lights burn and glow,
And the setting sun beckons me to follow,
The sea is spotted with ships aplenty,
And one of them is waiting for me.

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Harshavardhan Bapat
Football, music and good art in all forms is all I need.
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