With you

With you

When your bright smiles spread their wings

And glide gracefully through the skies

Sprinkling happiness – I will be there with you.

When your scarf gently drifts in the breeze

Showing off your mellow cheeks – smooth and peach

Under the olive tree, holding my hand

I will be there by your side.

When your golden hair gets drenched,

And the rains make you dance like a kid,

I will join you in the madness.

When you sit with me, side by side

Gleefully viewing the tawny horizon

You will have my shoulder to lean on.

When you lose your way in the dark

And slip on the stepping stones,

I will pick you up from the ground.

When your eyes get smudged with tears,

And grief tries to take over,

I will be there to shield you.

When you turn your back on me,

Not knowing and not trusting,

I still won’t leave your side.

As you take your first footsteps,

Away from me slowly and painfully

finding solace and ardor in something else,

I will be standing- right behind you.

When you thrive in your own pursuit

Of life and luxury

I will wait patiently, for your return

For you to retrace and find yourself.

When you finally find the flaw

In your immaculate recipe

And then recollect my feeble presence,

I will somehow augment the feeling.

And by the time you realize the truth,

Rush and find the timeworn paths,

and reach the speck which I sat on,

Alas! you will not find me.


And you will miss me when I am gone.










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Gokul KP
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