Alas! I should have known.
I should have felt the venom getting inside
Sweet, sweet venom.
I didn’t notice time crawling past me.
I didn’t know.

The air around me was changing.
Slowly turning black, toxic.
Rejection would have been less painful.
But no.
When I opened my eyes, my hands were empty.
I looked up and you were there
Standing right in front of me, but.
There was no smile to welcome me.
The shimmer in your eyes were gone.

You had to unleash the apathy on me.
Had to.
You had to hurt me.
I watched helplessly as you fell into the crooked hands of destiny
I watched as its lethal claws engulfed you.
Its fangs gleaming behind it’s ugly grin.
But you liked it.
You weren’t weeping.
You weren’t sorry.
You were longing for my disappearance.
You gave me a final wry smile.
You had bid farewell.

And then you were gone.

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Gokul KP
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