Year 2098

Years of monitoring and combating terrorism meant the numbers of attacks went down drastically. But even as a lot of terrorist organisations maintained a low profile, there was this unspoken truth lingering across the globe that something huge and deadly was imminent. Even though a lot of intelligence agencies around the world were easing up owing to the false peace, many organisations like RAW always kept a close eye for any kind of suspicious developments happening in a number of countries that were susceptible to interpolation. Decades had passed since the last major terrorist attack of any kind. But the surveillance was largely on those countries that generally were notorious for terrorist activities. What they didn’t know was that the plague of terrorism was now spreading into the more peaceful nations and meanwhile was also sharpening its knowledge on the modern methods of warfare. Technology was inevitable for this and hence Europe became a hotspot for such organisations.

Kunal wasn’t actually expecting such a mission when he was called for a covert operation. He was called to his superior’s office to be briefed about the mission, but was surprised to know he didn’t have much to know. The only intel available was that apparently somewhere in Ukraine there was a dubious weapon base, but there was something more to the structure that just weapons. All previous efforts to get clear ideas about the happenings inside the base had proved to be ineffective. The only option left was to send in people so as to retrieve important information.

It was Kunal’s first operation outside Asia. And he didn’t in the least expect his first trip to Europe will be to Ukraine of all places, not to mention the high risk task that was ahead of him. When he delved into more details about the mission, he got to know that he wasn’t going alone. But the other name was completely alien to him. He inquired more and was informed the other agent was British and the mission was actually a collaboration of RAW and the British Defence Intelligence Agency (BDIA). He would be accompanied by a spy from BDIA on the operation.

Both the agents had to rendezvous at the BDIA secret quarters in Moscow, from where they were to take a chopper down to the weapon base. The very next day, Kunal had taken his flight to Russia, after meeting his superiors and having received all necessary instructions. He and Glenn had to infiltrate the base, find out the actual motive behind the operation of the base and report all happenings to the Senior Field Officer, who would then relay the information to the administrative office.

During the transit from Moscow to Ukraine, Kunal learned from Glenn that the British were the ones who first got the lead about the shady base where they were headed to right now. Since they were unsuccessful in extracting useful information on their own, they had decided to approach RAW for help. Since it was their common interest to eradicate the parasite called terrorism, they didn’t have to think twice before agreeing.

In about an hour they were to be dropped off 3 kilometres away from the base, from where they were required to get to the building unharmed on their own. The helicopter was now flying over the Tysa, flowing peacefully carrying water from the Danube. Any other day, Kunal would have taken more time and eyed the river with awe. But nothing other than the espionage could enter his thoughts that day. Sources from Kiev were now sending updates about the security around our target. According to them, getting into the building should be a piece of cake. But they had no clue regarding what’s inside.

After a while, the base became visible and Kunal knew it was time to get down. They were dropped onto the deserted neighbourhood of the base and as soon as they touched terra firma, both of them ran for sme kind of cover since they couldn’t afford to be spotted. Stealthily, they made their way towards the base.

They had a clear view of the structure now. Partially hidden by botches of trees here and there was the base, the entrance to which was guarded by atleast 10 men. Kunal knew taking down these men would be really easy, just like the sources confirmed.

Glenn said he would take care of the men to in front of the entrance. That meant the 4 men towards the lateral sides of the building were Kunal’s responsibility. After an hour of sniping and distance shooting followed by bursting open a couple of doors, they were inside the base. Kunal noticed that the facade looked nothing like a weapon base. He knew he should be more cautious now that he was inside. They decided to split up and go separate ways so that it will be easier to carry out the operation independently.

Kunal was slowly creeping down corridors silently and furtively, stopping and listening occasionally for any signs of movement. Even though he didn’t know anything about what he was going to find out, his brain didn’t restrict itself from making wild guesses. Nuclear proliferation was the first and obvious guess. But the building didn’t seem like such a strong abode for nuclear research. Unless they were conducting their research underground. The fact that there was only limited security immediately inside the building also seemed to support Kunal’s theory. Invigorated by his new theory, his search now focused on any kind of doorways or stairs leading to the underground. He hoped Glenn would soon reach the same conclusion. Somehow, he knew he was going in the right path.

Kunal had no idea what he was going to witness.


Kunal regretted taking the security inside for granted, even though it was for a moment. He now tightly pressed against a bullet wound on his left shoulder, from which blood was oozing out painfully. Even though he managed to kill the ones who were behind the ambush and especially the one who wounded him with a fatal shot from behind, he still hadn’t found out any vital information. After another hour of sneaking through corridors and investigating random rooms, he could only see stocks of guns and other usual weapons which he knew was nothing related to the purpose of the building he was inside now.

He was now in another deserted avenue, at the end of which there was a door. Kunal made his way towards the door. He opened it and found exactly what he wanted. A trapdoor. He knew all the answers were downstairs. Without wasting much time, he went down the ladder and soon saw himself near what was unmistakably a research facility.

He could see scientists working inside the lab. Fortunately his position was hidden from most of the people inside by a small ledge, after which there was another glass barrier separating the labs from the rest of the underground space. Kunal knew it would be wise not to go inside the facility now. Instead he decided to search the rest of the underground. He slowly creeped under the ledge and reached another room a few metres ahead of the labs. From the looks of it he knew it was the main electricity control room. Kunal had noticed the entrance and exit to the research rooms were electronic and the research itself relied largely on electricity. His instincts told him he had to shut down the supply to the labs so that he could have a proper investigation without interference. Even though he expected tight security down here, he didn’t face any guards till then. He guessed Glenn must have reached here way before him and that thought made him a bit more relieved. He shut down the supply, trapping scientists inside the facility and quickly proceeded further into the underground base.


Kunal had to cross dozens of unconscious guards in order to get to the other side of the basement. Kunal guessed Glenn must have beat up everyone, even though he didn’t look like a strong guy. But some of those guards didn’t look like they were physically beaten up. They had other wounds; those which cannot be inflicted just by brute force. But Kunal didn’t bother to check. As far as he was concerned, he had his path clear. He had to seize the chance and go further so that he can help out Glenn. The wound on his shoulder was piercing him.

It wasn’t long before he reached another place that highly resembled the research place that he saw earlier. The place looked like those advanced scientfic organisations they showed in movies and comics. Also, it was more heavily protected using thicker glass and more security. But somehow, it was open.

I could see Glenn inside; on the floor, unconscious.

I rushed inside over the unconscious bodies of all the guards, who again mysteriously were taken out without any signs of fights, but just some fatal and unusual wounds. But this time, it wasn’t just the guards. There were numerous people with white coats (who Kunal guessed were the scientists), strewn across the floor.

Glenn was sprawled on the floor like he was attacked from behind. He had a fatal injury in the back of his head and he had lost a lot of blood. Kunal knew it was too late. He cursed himself for being late. But he had to carry on. His mood suddenly shifted from regret to caution. He knew Glenn wasn’t the only one who took out the guards. No normal human being could take out all these guards on his own. There was something far more dangerous and scary looming large in the same facility, so strong that even hundreds of guards were annihilated.

He went further inside and reached a dark room. He moved into the room carefully, his ears searching for some kind of movement. He rummaged along the walls and finally found some switches that thankfully included the light switch. He had the shock of his life as he turned on the lights.

Six huge canisters stood inside the circular room, each one about ten feet tall. Inside the canisters were human beings(or forms that looked like human beings), floating in some liquid with weird masks attached to their faces.

But what intrigued and disturbed Kunal at the same time was that the sixth canister was broken. The thing inside had already escaped before his arrival. Judging by the boiling liquid nearby the canister, it had escaped only hours back. Kunal had seen stuff like these only in sci-fi movies. But he had to believe what was sin front of him. He looked around for any signs of the beast that had escaped. It was then that a loud siren started blaring in the base. The deafening noise sounded like an alarm; was it for the spies that were in their facility right now or was it because of the unknown monster that broke free, Kunal didn’t know.

What happened next took Kunal by surprise. He saw a dark form bolting towards him through the corner of his eye. By the time he responded, he felt a piercing spasm of pain rush through his body and blood splattering. Before he had time to scream, the thing had hurt his knees too, the pang now impossible to bear. Kunal could barely stand now, with using his gun being out of question.

The form that attacked him was staring at him now with bloodshot eyes. It was brown, with black hair extending down his spine. He had the face of a human being but the features on his face reminded one of a hungry carnivore. His hands and legs had bloodied claws, with one of each of the limbs visibly longer and sharper than the rest. Kunal was finding it unable to completely grasp the beast’s form as he was losing consciousness slowly. The thing was about to make its next attack when a horde of security guards showed up inside the room. They were looking at me and the thing, wondering who should be their prime target. Seeing the grotesque and deadly form that was now growling at them, they didn’t think twice. The guards started firing haphazardly at the abominable being which was now running for cover behind the canisters. The canisters ate a lot of bullets and after a while were on the verge of collapsing.

As the battle between the guards and the mutant form continued, Kunal decided it was time for him to end this. He was immobilised and was sure he could do nothing else in that condition. He always knew someday he would have to do this. Switch to the last option if there comes a time when you are unable to stop what’s coming. He slowly took the small orb out of his back pocket. He saw the canisters crack one by one and the forms slump on to the floor. He saw the despicable figures come to life, right when he pressed the detonation switch. As the mutant beings finally became active and started charging towards the guards, he threw the ball aiming at the centre of the chaos.
Kunal and Glenn never made out of the Ukarine facility. As far as we know, nothing else came out of there either. The whole research died along with Kunal’s last espionage. The planet was more peaceful than it was ever in over a century.

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