State the capital !

State the capital !

Yes, a very important and necessary story to be written!

“The National shame” as tweeted by many politicians ,sports persons and yes they should also remember their responsibility and act forward as they are role model for many!

Not a fable, not historical, happening scenario is brought to light here!
State the capital! We know New Delhi is the capital of this mysterious democracy, yes of course India!

A year before the PARIS AGREEMENT released the list of countries which are highly polluted and the shocking news is India tops at third position and still getting hike in pollution rate ,particularly cities like New Delhi,Ludhiana,Kanpur are highly polluted and increasing every minute! 

But what is the state of our capital in present? Sympathetic in one word,
“We are in the stage where we are forced to feel sympathy on our kinds, our own kinds the human beings”The big question for humanity here in India!

Lot of insults and anxieties beheld!
Whom to blame?
“The ever beautiful nature turning violent or or sensible kinds doing senseless to nature”
New delhi drowned in smog! Seeing the news as Title story:what will be thoughts
“Being safe so far from capital or worry for hazard threatening our nation” a complete dilemma arises!
BS(Bharat stage) norms for vehicle can be implemented but what norms human beings going to practice?
So, the problem is ours and so the solution will be with us!
Control the uncontrollable is what heros are portrayed for!

“Live for others is what great people taught us ;But at least live for ourselves” is what we replied them,Sad emoji must!

Now ,I just complete here by saying the wise words :                                                “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need ,but not the greed “-M.K.GANDHI


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Gokul Kannan
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