Is this healthy?

Is this healthy?

Always there is an interrogation about things happening in our life. Everyone have this habit of investigating the things, duties and sometimes even mandates. 

Such thing today aroused here is taxation in India. 

So ,before passing to my core area of writing,  just answer these questions to yourself _ it will articulate the better part I think !

Is it good to get salary ?

Is it good to travel in a flaw less road?

Is it good to have a forsaken building{poor infrastructure} as government building?

Is it good to live in your state without any defence ?

Is it good to move our lives without any impact of government policies ?

Everyone who wants to know the answer for “ IS IT GOOD TO PAY TAX?” —

Just try to answer the above interrogations in your perspective and the result will be distinct and the answer will be your own as your question .”

  1. Paying tax is the responsibility for every citizen who is franchising the country’s citizenship – If you are paying tax then you are an immigrant and not citizen anymore .
  2. There are particular group of people who were citizens once but relinquished by current stat and they could not be taken in to account as taxpayers – they are not enjoying any perks of government policies.{ Simply beggars }
  3. Government employees are mandated to paytaxes and in return they will get their own perquisites whereas business people mostly blamed for not paying taxes and their bogusness.

In India business people where targeted for not paying taxes and particularly for demolishing black money culture in india. The Government introduced Demonitisation and lot are affected – not the people holding black but the ordinary folks .

Such initiatives and policies could not guarantee cent percent success and in democratic India it is not possible !

Even the former Governor RBI ,INDIA Raghuram Rajan was not satisfied with Demonitisation effect and his critics in the book articulates it : I do What I do , Reform ,Resolve,Rhetoric,

  • Taxes are not made to force the citizens into crisis and just for the welfare of them – the citizens of nation

The prerogative is upheld :

  • The tax culture is not new any of the society – In Indian society the different rulers followed their own ways to collect taxes and some were effective and vice versa .
  • The taxation varies to each disciplinary of people and goverment is not blind to oppress the human society and at same time liberal society is not cherished to maximum extent .

“ There is nothing either good or bad ; but thinking makes it so”— Shakespeare

I can tell more similarities and stack my proceedings but still want to keep it in precise manner and in a confined area of focus to acknowledge my stance .

Indian buddy 🙂

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Gokul Kannan
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