The Most Popular About Motilal Nehru College

The Most Popular About Motilal Nehru College

Motilal Nehru College is one of the largest constituent colleges of the University Of Delhi. Situated on Benito Juarez Marg in south campus, it offers in science, humanities, arts and commerce disciplines.

Now what other colleges does not have, Motilal has.

THE SUNDARIS and The SUNDARI CHOWK which is the centrally located lobby and got its name as the prettiest girls are always seen lingering around here.

Not to forget The HAWA MAHAL which is the little footpath above Sundari Chowk. Go there to feel the cool summer breeze.

The JUBILEE BLOCK, where every student of the college wants their classes in beacuse of the ACs that keep you cool.

THE STONE RIDGE or The Pahadi which gives you a great mountaineering experience. One can also enjoy the food from the CANTEEN there. The Best part about the Canteen is that it has both internal and external seating. Also, the canteen has the tastiest food. From chilli potatoes, fries to shahi paneer naan and chole bhature, the canteen has it all in the prices one can’t even imagine.

Also, the CULTURAL ROOM next to the canteen where the various Cultural Societies practice from Malhaar to Aadhaar to Electra which is the singing, theatre and the western dance society respectively.

Wondering where did all the prizes for the Nukkad Natak go? Oh yes! You’re right, AADHAAR got them all. Also, the fusion Band ‘TAPAS’ was co- founded by Rajat Agarwal, The President Of MALHAAR (2015-16) establishing a name in the DU circuit competing with leading bands such as Hansraj Projekt, Musoc, Hindu Collective, ┬áPlay Time and High Time.

The Economics Soc of Motilal Nehru is known best for getting numerous sponsors for their fest ‘Ecoverve’ which is like almost the fund the college has for its Annual Cultural Fest.

When during the campaigning for elections how all the students are pampered with lots of free food, free movie trips and what not.
Munish Tamang Sir, I wonder if there is even a single student who doesn’t know him.
The intellectual union of the college with Devesh as President , Vishal Upadhyay, Kritika, as different post holders have lifted the college’s name and took it to great heights.

So if you want to be a part of this beautiful college of south campus,

Either make it to Motilal or even a Motilal friend would work.😉

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