Sri Lanka: A Travel Destination Rich in its Heritage!

Sri Lanka: A Travel Destination Rich in its Heritage!

Are you tired of wasting your days sitting and day-dreaming about a perfect holiday destination? Want to know about some escapade for this vacation? Are you sure that you’ve explored the wonder of Asia, the Ceylon! The tropical paradise! Okay, it’s an island country in South Asia, iced at the bottom of India, Sri Lanka. This much is not enough, next question coming to your mind might be, why Sri Lanka? So, before you go and get placed yourself before the Google, continue to read further and know why it is an ultimate furlough for this season.

About Sri Lanka

This mint country is getting into notice these days especially because of its naivety. It has got so much to explore and scout through the yellow beaches, the wildlife, flavors, festivals, heritage and what not? Every bit of this island is native and divine, untouched by the western rabble and trivial ineptness. How about taking a whimsical tour of this islet before you actually rush and start to plan?

Travelling to Sri Lanka


Firstly, boarding a flight for Sri Lanka is extremely inexpensive and cushy; in fact the entire trip to this place is cost-effective; approximately Rs. 32,000 for a person with a package of 3 days and 2 nights that includes flight, accommodation, hotel, and sightseeing. Hence, pick your loved ones and pack your bags and there you land in the misty planet. Now next we ought to know is a little about the local Sinhala language spoken there by Sinhalese. Like, “ma∙tȧ u∙dhauw kȧ∙ran∙nȧ!” which means, ‘Help me!’ It’s finally time to begin with your vacation.


Initially, your ideal stay would be in the commercial capital of the country, Colombo, also known as the ocean city of Sri Lanka which has oodles of things to offer, that one shouldn’t miss. The T-lounge, Galle Face Green, National museum, Viharamahadevi Park and a lot more adds on to the allure of the city. If you are a sports person or like to try out different sports, then playing golf at the Royal Colombo Golf Club would be fun. The fact that it is an ocean city, will surely give an aesthetic view of the yellow beaches spread over. Summing up all the experiences, this small port city of around 37 km square will prove to be a super start.

South and North of Sri Lanka

Moving from the west coast lines to the serene south side, Sri Lanka gains its eternal traditional touch. All the beddable temples and historical heritages are bottled up in the south of this small island. Dropped onto to the tropical paradise, how can one fluff through the dazzling landscapes chock-full of greenery, ridges, mountain spikes, polished tea gardens just a road trip away from Colombo, in the apex of Kandy, known as the hill country? Shift a little north from the altitudes of Kandy, comes the Cultural Triangle which is floating in the centre of the island and gives the ravishing view of three great capitals belonging to the local Sinhalese which are Kandy, Anuradhapuram, and Pollonaruwa.

The Lion Rock and Wildlife

Have you heard about the eighth wonder of the world? Taken aback? Yes, we have it in here named the Lion Rock in Sigiriya which is near the town of Dambulla. It is a huge monstrous rock on the plateau which is 370 meters above the sea level. It gathers the maximum tourists coming to Sri Lanka and leaves them scandalized totally. Local people refer it as the eighth wonder, surely it is. One more fascination of Sri Lanka is its largely conserved wildlife and jungle gangway having maximum number of endemic species, stealthy leopards, elephants, etc; which can be seen in their national parks and forest reserves as well.

Lion Rock Sigiriya

Lion Rock, Sigiriya

These were the few prodigious footprints of our Lanka, which are mushrooming the tourists and the resemblance of the country. Following the above information is the quick mention about the things which can create a lifelong memory for you while you are in Sri Lanka:

  • Taking part in a test match in Colombo or Kandy.
  • If you wish to eat something which can refresh your taste buds than go for the Rice and Curry.
  • Sri Lanka is one of the best bird watching islands as well.
  • The topsy-turvy market at Pettah, which reflects the life of Asia.
  • Watch out for huge and magnificent whales and dolphins.
  • The ancient art and architecture of the culture.
  • Get an ayurvedic spa to rejuvenate your inner self.
  • Lastly, the planet is also known for producing precious stones and gems. Hence, you can get some gems for your family in your way back.

Don’t give it a second thought. Go talk to your partner, friends, or if not then take on the challenge and go with yourself. The Lanka will daub you in its blissful surroundings. It is a perfect holiday destination, just like the one you were looking for. Tremble yourself a little; Make your trip and explore!


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