There is denying the fact that the world of cryptocurrency is full of uncertainty. Sometimes you get a ride to the moon, while, sometimes, you are slammed down to the dust. After the ‘SUCCESS’ of Bitcoin, a lot of various other coins came into the crypto market, with promising futures. But just like how Bitcoin had to face criticism, these altcoins face no exceptions. 

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Well, the criticism is bound to happen as there have been many coins in the past, that have ended up nowhere but just in the ‘anti-portfolio’ of the traders, sometimes even referred to as ‘shit-coins’. They lacked vision and future implementations. 

India is land of opportunities. It’s a growing economy with positive and ambitious plans for itself. It’s a country of 1.3 Billion population out of which 65% of the population belongs to the age group less than 35 years old. However, in the World Employment Index, it has a poor ranking of 103 out of 130 countries. Certainly, the population plays an important role. Along with that, the emergence of Internet Users in India rose to around 600 million. When a country is struggling with its employment rate but has a big internet user base, the word ‘freelancing’ is a sure shot to curb all the problems. 

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Keeping all these statistics in mind, India’s biggest freelance job portal, ‘’ had a statement to make. The company is planning to invest in one of the projects initiated by a Cryptocurrency – Senderon, an Ethereum based cryptocurrency. ‘’ website has more than 2000 International companies looking out for recruitment and a user base of 1.7 million people. 

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According to one of the employers of the company (chose not to disclose her name), the company’s board is planning to invest in the ‘Senderon Escrow Project’ as they find this project’s goal similar to their company’s long-term vision. This escrow project by Senderon aims at becoming the middle-man for freelancing jobs and services.

According to their website, ‘ Often OTC traders or deals require a “leap of faith” from one party or the dependance of past reputation. Senderon Escrow does its best to reduce the uncertainty with its help as an independant and unbiased middleman.’

Senderon is a cryptocurrency trading at $0.0087 in the crypto market (Coinmarketcap) and if the news of this partnership comes out to be true, the value of the company and coin is expected to rise on charts as ‘’ website hosts more than a million accounts of Jobseekers looking for job, especially the freelance ones. However, no official statement has been released from any sides, but our reliable source from the company itself is quite confident on that. 

What are your thoughts on this possible future partnership. Are cryptocurrencies the future? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.