In India only we know one sport and that is CRICKET . Are we not aware of the situations the other game or players are facing in our country . we have made cricket such a big game that people don’t even know about our Indian hockey team . what is that which made cricket so important and popular among us ? The money , fame , popularity , sponsorship etc are factors which has made cricket popular among everyone . It is not that Hockey is not known by people but the attraction , support and money cricket has its not comparable to hockey , hockey is not even 10% of cricket i guess .  I think due to lack of support , institutes , funding and most important corruption this all happens . Not only hockey but others sports have also failed to get the level of recognition  as much as cricket has gained .  I think its the need of the hour to wake up and promote others sports too , if we will not do that we will never be able to achieve medals in olympics  and in other big events .