What is real love?

Real love is simple as the word goes “real”, real love is always realistic.

It is humans bias that we are not able to adopt the dark sides, or the soft side at the same side, or we try to segregate and like one thing and not other thing, and that is not natural and unrealistic. Few guys like feminine, soft and possessive girl, where as other guys might like, strong, tough and freedom driven girl.

It is human nature to classify the characteristic and create your like or dislike around it, and that’s the problem, that is unrealistic. Because reality or nature always comprises of both extremes and other variations as well, nature has day as like bright also and night like dark also. Reality is always made of up silence plus noise, there is never a single characteristic which will make anything real.

Your real love will fight with you, so she will love you, she will care for you, so she will keep you deprived also sometime, and a good relationship always enjoy the variations, always adopt, learn and grow the changes in your connection.

Real love is always realistic.