I have things to do
People to woo
I dream to get successful
I plan my life to be blissful

Yet I am laying down, wondering whether the egg came first or the hen
Wondering if it will be considered as taking a shower if I get drenched in rain

All my silly curiosities come to life when I have less time to waste
Wait.. how does poop taste?

I develop new hobbies
Spend time on them then leave them as memories
How do I utilize my time efficiently
There are so many distractions out there which seem friendly

I want to watch all the videos available on youtube,
listen to songs on loop
I need to study and work
Be the knowledgeable nerd with a nasty smirk

Yet I am sitting here watching news about the latest celebrity rumour
I don’t want to be a producer but only a consumer
In this world of internet and distraction, my priorities alter
I call myself Pro Procrastinator;
And an amateur blogger.