Not many words I say, yes I am quiet
Feelings I hold back stopping them from authoring a riot
Fighting to be free from the world’s girt
Yes I am an introvert

I distinctively will say what I have to
Assuredly not when you want to
Neither one needs to assess me nor have me assert
Yes I am an introvert

I don’t mind being a hunted fugitive
Some will let me be myself while some will be intuitive
I will not be subdued, I definitely wont feel disconcert
Yes I am an introvert

Abundance of patience I hold, don’t push me enough
Embrace the humble me, it’s hard to act tough
Plenty of emotions run through my veins, I ain’t inert
Yes I am an introvert

I have my own world of words to read from and write to
I don’t shy away from doing the little things that I do
These make me happy, I don’t always have to exert
Pleased to say that yes I am an introvert