Want your hair to be long enough? Feel bad after seeing friend’s hair? I have got some home remedies for hair growth.

10 ways to grow hair.


1. Curry leaves: Eating curry leaves improve hair growth. Apply some paste and juice of this leaf. They pamper the roots, prevent dry scalp and itching and promote a better-looking hair.
2. Green tea: I know everybody doesn’t like green tea but then it’s a remedy. Since it is a rich antioxidant and hence promotes hair growth.
3. Fenugreek: They are powerful for the hair and problem can be gotten rid of. Boil a handful of these medicinal leaves in water. Strain the water and add one tablespoon of coconut oil to he boiled leaves. Nope grind these leaves with the oil and apply the paste directly to hair. Allow it to dry and rinse with warm water.
4. Coconut milk: Rich in proteins, it reduces hair loss. It also contains iron, potassium, and essential fats.
5. Amla: The universal remedy for hair growth, isn’t it? The juice of Indian Gooseberry is essential for hair. Alma juice can be used to rinse hair to get rid of hair problems. Again paste can be applied if suffering hair loss.
6. Rosemary: The sweet-smelling rosemary is healthy for the hair. Grind this herb to a powdered form and then mix in some rose water. Massage the solution on to the top of the scalp and rinse it well with lukewarm water. Be regular with this for better hair growth.
7. Henna: Henna is natural conditioner and it makes dry hair soft and smooth. It also strengthens the roots of the hair.
8. Banana and Honey: Their pack can work as a conditioner and moisturizes the hair.
9. Egg: It is a good remedy for hair growth. Applying an egg mask on the hair will provide it with the proteins necessary for the growth of the new hair. It also contains essential nutrients for hair such as sulfur, zinc etc.
10. Apple Cider Vinegar: This vinegar keeps the scalp clean and healthy and prevents infections. This also helps to accelerate the air growth. It also maintains the scalp.


Source: Speaking Tree, 15 Best natural home remedies for hair growth.