Let’s start with some imagination. Imagine yourself sitting at the airport waiting for your flight or standing in a queue waiting for your turn to buy tickets for T-20 or for a sci-fi movie. And there are so many strangers around you and out of your boredom you seriously want to have some chats. So, now how will you start. What will he think? What if he will ignore me? What if he will give a weird look to me?  So many questions arise in your mind at this particular point of time. But don’t be afraid of anything and be an ‘ice-breaker’. Now how will you do that?

Well, here I am trying to answer your questions by representing the thoughts of Malavika Vardan which she displayed in TEDxBITSPilaniDubai in ‘7 Ways to make a Conversation with Anyone’. I strongly believe that this will surely help you in becoming the ice-breaker. So, here it goes like:

Strangers are everywhere, and we have always been taught not to talk to strangers. But you know what, strangers come with an opportunity to learn something new, to have an experience that you have never had or to hear a story that you’ve never heard before. Further, skip the small talks. For instance, we always start like how are you? How you are doing? I am fine… Same here!.. and so on. But all you need is to skip this and ask a really personal question and don’t be afraid to ask. Because you really don’t know how much he would be having to tell you the things. And believe me that answers to this question are really unique. Despite of the fact that he doesn’t know anything about you, he will try to open up with you. And you know, sometimes the best conversations happen with strangers only. So, don’t be afraid of asking a personal question because the most he can do is he will not talk to you, and he is not talking to you now either. 

Next comes the me-too’s. Try to find out something that you both mutually agreed upon and share your liking. Never ever try to dominate the things that other people like because this can lead you into a big trouble. And always have a positive starting to a conversation. I am sure that everyone of us like compliments. So pay a unique compliment to the person you have started talking to recently that she could remember for long. This will also make him happy and he will find himself more indulged with you while talking to you. Extra bonus points to you! Another important thing is to remember the names of the strangers that are no more strangers to you. When you address them by their name, they feel extremely good, the way you feel when somebody calls you by your name. So, next time when you meeting the same person, call by his name and see a broad smile on his face. 

These are some of the easier and useful ways by which you can turn any strangers into your friends.  Simply follow this and try your best to start the conversation. And to your surprise, you’ll be remembered by that stranger for long even if you fail to turn him into your friend. But this is secondary and you should not think about it. So, try to talk to a stranger without getting afraid of anything and be the ice-breaker. At last, I would say that “Let’s talk”! What say???