She is the god’s most wonderful creation on earth.
She is the best ever blessing in a man’s life.
She goes through many struggles in life and still wakes up with a fresh smile on face everyday.
She works hard for the wealth of her family.
She is the best motivater in the world.
She is your mother.she is your sister.
She is your wife.she is your daughter.
She loves you more than anyone else.
She brings you respect in public.
She corrects you in private.
She leads you in the right way.
She makes you feel proud for what you have.
She is the best pillow to lean on when you are sad.
She leaves her family to make your family a happy respectful family in the society.
She makes your every night so sweet with her delicious cookings.
She makes your every morning a wonderful one with her delicious coffee.
She boosts up your energy when you are tired.
She takes care of your everything so neatly and carefully.
She gives you the utmost importance in her life.
She trusts you more than god.
She looks after you like a mother.
She irritates you just to make you happy and feel relaxed when you are sad.
She makes you forget all the tensions you have.
She moulds your life into a perfect one.
She gives you that success no one ever had.
She holds your hand when nothing in your life is right.
She never leaves your side even if you have nothing for her.
She handles her life and future into your hands.
She takes responsibility of looking after your parents.
She never complaints about you.
She never feels tired or boring even after working so hard for the family.
She never gets fed up with you or with kids.
She will be the backbone of your
life.She will be the main reason for whatever you achieve in your life. (more…)