Let’s pretend it’s not love worth “Valentine’s day”. When you fall sick, your mother with back Ache is sitting in the same position continuously for uncountable hours, to make you feel okay. When she knows when you’re hungry and what exactly you would want for breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid-meal and after every two hours, it’s love obviously but not worth valentine. When you know he is angry at you but just when you run to him, the GREAT ANGRY Man turns okay with his daughters hug and all his relief lies within your smile, it’s love yeah? But not worth valentine. When it’s midnight and you are hungry, sister secretly cooks Maggi for you. It’s love , but not worth valentine? When you look for a secret keeper in your sister and a brother stand bold before all your problems like a shield, in spite of him constantly reminding you how irritating you’re. It’s love , but not worth Valentines. When you’re walking on a slippery road and your friend clenches your hand tighter than ever right before you fall, it’s love but not worth valentine. When your grandmother cannot see her medicines properly at all but walk all the way from her empty house to yours full of goddy things, baking the tastiest cakes of all time for you, it’s surely love, but not worth valentine. When your best friend miles and miles away, reminds you to take your medicine on time of course she loves you, but is it worth the Valentine? When your dog waits all day for you and wags his tail just so that you come near and move your hand over his head once, oh he loves you but not like a valentine? Is valentine really only when you sit under the sky with coffee in one hand and your partners hand in another? Of course it’s cute and nice to have someone like that in life but when you’re blessed with loving people around, do you really care for a Valentine? Of course this love is not like a VALENTINE’S LOVE, It’s a lot moreā¤