Stories are undefinable in two or more sentence as they are a long term journey which includes cherishable moments, up and downs, lots of love, proud moments, etc and this was made possible only because I attended such a great school :- Christ The King Inter College, it is not as simple, it is a precious part of my life where i took on 12 yrs. and stand henceforth what I am Today!
The environment, teachings, groups, bondings, activities all around the campus left a bright patch for my future where I stand as a Standard Writer today. Even our school excels in each and every field whether it is atmosphere, infrastructure, quality education, faculty, discipline giving it a great rating which further proves to be the best institute in Firozababd district. I always stand a inch higher than normal when I say that I have studied from an ICSE board. This bring a moment of pride to celebrate!
Overall my interactions with my principal, mates and teachers has always been proved better for me.Even the integration of each small smile from everyone makes a cute smile on my face. It was unfortunate that I couldn’t complete my +2 from here but above all I had always spend a good and memorable time under the guidance of principal, teachers, seniors and friends.
I cant left without telling to anyone about the institute where I studied and why should not I, as it brings a moment of pride for myself. My thankful offerings to our school would always be less, even in the future.I thanks to my parents who made me to study here and making me involve in family of Christerians. Thank you everyone for making me what I am today.