Nowadays it is said that Cyber Monday is the new sales king. For those who don’t know what a Cyber Monday is here’s what Cyber Monday is all about. Cyber Monday is a market term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States marks the start to online holiday shopping with retailer’s offers a huge reduction. Ellen Davis and Scott Silverman were the ones who first devised the term “Cyber Monday”. The first Cyber Monday was held on November 28, 2005.

Coming into this year, Cyber Monday was on 26th November 2017.  As per Adobe, which tracks online shopping, it states that in the history of U.S online shopping Cyber Monday attained a new record as the largest online sales day with $6.59 billion this marked a 16.8 percent increase over the last year. This even broke the sales of the Black Friday and the Thanks Giving Day. During the three shopping days, the most heavily discounted items were Computers, televisions, Mobile Phoned, and toys Etc. The most sold items included the Nintendo Switch game device, Apple AirPods and other devices like the Google Chromecast Etc. One of the least sold items were a Walrus repellent spray, in spite of giving a 97 percent discount none was ready to buy it. Like this spray, there would be something that this kind of products lacks.

Let’s check out what your brands would be missing:

  1.    Preparation- One must be prepared and must look through the previous sales record and plan accordingly.
  2.    Marketing- One must put a word about the offers before or at least a week before by any means like PPC campaign, social media, Email marketing etc.
  3.    One must for anything and everything to make its product stand out from the rest of the others.
  4.    Assure the customer that your product is worthy to buy and user-friendly.
  5.    One must be smart enough to place offers and deals during certain timings.
  6.    Make sure that you respond to the customer as soon as possible.
  7.    Always keep you inventory full.
  8.     Form suspense and buzz around about your forthcoming sale.
  9.    Finally, keep an eye on the competitor.

Most of the products/Brands lack many qualities that are the most important ones to survive in the market. For those brands that couldn’t utilize Cyber Monday. Contact us and we will help you set your brand online. It can be a website, web/mobile application or even a business page on Facebook.