There are a lot of digital canvas printing shops in Australia but notice how our company has remained a competitive and viable entrant in the industry. Blue Horizon Prints have been providing high quality services and products to our satisfied customers for over a decade now. We specialize in digital photo printing on canvas material and turn ordinary photos into exceptional copy of the original one. The best thing about it is that, our products are very affordable, you would be surprised at how pocket-friendly they are. We offer a rich reserve of stock images that you can choose from and we can also print word art for you. If you want to know the reason why we remain in the industry, here are some of the reasons why.

Optimum printing materials

Images printed on canvas are proven to be sturdy. This is the reason why paintings are used with canvas to ensure that they will last a lifetime or even more. However, the type of canvas used on the project will also affect the result. At Blue Horizon Printswe only use premium grade canvas that are specifically manufactured for us. Aside from that, we also use high quality ink to guarantee products that do not fade.

Exceptional finish

To further protect our products, we apply matte finishing on the project before they are sent to our customers. We also double check the products before they are sent out for shipping to ensure that they are stretched and applied with the right amount of finishing before we encase them in a frame. You can choose the type of frame and its size.

Excellent project packaging

At Blue Horizon Prints, we ensure that our projects will get to our customers in excellent condition. To do that, we check our products thoroughly before we send to our customer’s address. We also pack the projects in durable cardboard for added protection. We send the project free of charge within Australia and UK. If you are located abroad and you want to order from us, we would still deliver the product with a minimal amount of shipping fee.