Make Love To Me

Make Love To Me

Down the hill by the sea
As the ocean rise and fall;
Hold me up in your depth of love
Pull me closer, surrendering all. 

As the wind gushes through 
Our breaths in unison;
Heaving in as we breathe too fast
Fingers intertwined in passion.

There is a heaviness in the flame
Burning in the fireplace-
Resonating the mood, the ambiance
Resonating over, again & again,
Resonating your name. 

The world is at an awe
Of you and me – our gesture;
The wind is blowing in tune now
As if playing the bells of pleasure.

Your smell is intoxicating,
Your aroma burning me in
The anticipation too much to bear
The passion so akin. 

An epitome of love,
A deity of patience
Awaking me with surprise
You belong to a place
A place
Beyond my premise. 

Intertwined our bodies, 
In pain, pleasure, waves of emotion
Intertwined our souls 
In dreams, love, 
An Unfathomable ocean.

“Make love to me,” I say,
Make love to me. 

Make love to me as the sun goes down
Waiting for the moon to wear its crown. 
As the waves roll over a glorious dance
Make love to me in inextinguishable romance.

“Make love to me as the world stands by
There’s no shame in amatory, 
Know we’re forever,
Forever you and I. “

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Bidisha Das
Spinning yarns of words, drawing melodies from the stars. Aspiring writer. Making a garland of poems with flowers of words.Another soul in search of peace.
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